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CYCLE CLUB est. 2015

Welcome to the website of the Arria Wheelers Cycling Club.

The story so far…….

Our chair, Phil Jones, started cycling after being inspired to change his life whilst watching the London 2012 Olympics. He was heavy and unfit but cycling around the town really started to help him change both his physical and mental health. He saw the local road cyclists fly past and wondered how he could ever become that fit. He felt unable to ride with them, so rode with his wife and a few friends in the lanes and country roads around Cumbernauld and beyond. He also became a SkyRide leader, helping and encouraging others to ride socially in Glasgow.

Phil and his mates decided to ride the Pedal for Scotland Glasgow to Edinburgh bike ride, so chose a name, Team Jelly Baby, as that is what they ate on training rides. After the event. others joined them, and the group slowly evolved over two years to the point where we had over 30 people turning up to rides on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Tuesday was a social ride, and Thursday night training loops were for progressive training, coaching riders in group riding techniques, fitness and generally cycling skills. These still form part of our ride schedule now. The idea of Thursday training was to develop riders so that they could keep up with and ride with the other cycling club, RCCK, (Road Club Cumbernauld and Kilsyth). This is no longer a club aim, as we wish to keep our friends cycling with us, regardless of how strong they are on a bike.

The group asked if they could form a club, it made sense after all, and so, we had a meeting on the 16th September 2015. The club was formed. We want to be very different to other local clubs, a fully inclusive, social cycling club, with community and inclusion at its heart, where everyone is welcome regardless of ability and circumstance.

We have really developed since the start, with over 90 registered members. We have groups riding at different paces, from the entry level base pace guys, right through to our really fast guys, who ride at a fairly impressive speed.

We are affiliated and insured through CTC, Club - 90092299. Our membership terms include affiliation to a governing body, as a CTC club our members receive a discount, costing only 24 per annum. British Cycling and Tri-Scotland have policies too at competitive prices.

The club has ambitious growth plans for the future with Mountain Biking, a Youth Section, Touring, Audaxes and Racing all in the mix. Perhaps you would like to come along and ride with us with a view to joining? We restart the try it rides on the first Tuesday in March, possibly before, if the weather improves. Please email the club on ride.cumbernauld@gmail.com for details and to let us know that you are interested in riding with us.


Please insert the password below for the Members section of the Arria Wheelers website. If you would like to becoome a member, please drop us an email to ride.cumbernauld@gmail.com or send us a message via the contacts page.