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CYCLE CLUB est. 2015


The new Club Kit has been finalised from PRO VISION and looks amazing.

Credit must go to David Ritchardson (vice chair), who worked closely with Pro Vision from the start to get the best looking kit possible. The super stylish logo was designed by Garry McCann, its eyecatching and so slick in the yellow and black. Final shout out to Hugh Wandrope (club accountant) for getting the best deal possible for our members, a whopping 15%. Fran and Phil were fantastic in showing the kit, allowing one of their rooms to be club changing rooms and taking the orders (a huge task).

Well Done Guys!!!


Once we get our hands on the finished kit - we will be looking for the Arria Wheelers 'Next Top Model' to get some pictures taken, to let us see the kit in all its splendour.

Moving forward and in order to help keep the costs down and our 15% discount, we are looking to have 3 windows of purchase for club kit open to our members.

The next window will be March in order to get the Spring/Summer kit ordered. Next would be September for the Autumn/Winter gear. There will also be one near the end of November just in case Santa has seen that you've been a good boy or girl.

5th Jan 2016

New for 2016, Try It Out Thursdays.

"When I started the group that evolved into our club, one thing was obvious. There are lots of cyclists out there that want to to ride in a group, but there isn't anywhere for them to go, apart from the really fast racing clubs in our area, which can be really intimidating to some.

I was scared of taking that first ride with a club, and put it off for about a year. I made several excuses to myself, I didn't have all the gear, my bike wasn't as trendy and modern as some, I wasn't very fit, in fact I was overweight. None of this matters, I really wish there was a club like Arria around at the time. The good news for you is, there is.

Thats why we are an inclusive club, with the core belief that anyone who rides a bike for fun is welcome to join us. Cycling for me is about having fun with my mates, meeting new people, getting fitter and faster, training for a big challenge like Pedal for Scotland or a Sportive, or sometimes just out for a gentle spin.

From Thursday 3rd March, we are inviting all local cyclists to come out with us. We will have a specific training group that you can hook up with before the rest of the club riders gather. We don't care how fast or slow you are, what age you are, or any other reason that you have been excluded from elsewhere. You are very welcome to come and try riding in a bunch, with a view to potentially joining our great club. All that matters to us is, that your a nice person, that wants to ride your bike and have fun with a great bunch of really friendly cyclists, who will treat you with dignity and respect.

We will meet you at the main entrance at Broadwood Stadium at 6:30pm. You will need to arrive a few minutes early so that you can sign in and be ready to ride. There will be a briefing from one of our many qualified ride leaders. You will then be shown some basic techniques and you will ride a few loops of the carpark. This will allow the ride leaders to make an assessment of your skills and fitness levels etc, as we want to make sure we don't scare you off by putting you in too challenging a group.

All you need is a bike, preferably a road bike or a cross bike. A hybrid will be ok for starting on, but you will need a roadie for the club rides going forward. We will have a group that you can ride with. Youngsters are welcome too, as long as they are with their parent or carer, please email Phil, our chair, or Billy, our youth officer, first at ride.cumbernauld@gmail.com before bringing young people to the club training ride.

Our New Mountain Bike group will be starting soon too, watch this space for details.

Make 2016 the year you decided to give it a go, what's the worst that can happen? If your still unsure, why not drop me a line and I will have a chat with you, maybe even arrange a 1 to 1 to put your mind at ease. email Phil on ride.cumbernauld@gmail.com

I look forward to seeing you".

Phil Jones


Arria Wheelers

5th Jan 2016

We have recently signed the Sports Charter for the Equality Network, currently making us the ONLY cycling organisation in Scotland to do so.

The Equality Network aims to bring about equality and improve the human rights situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) people in Scotland. They provide opportunities for people to engage in making Scotland a place in which everyone, whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity, can live free from hatred, prejudice and discrimination.

They work with sports governing bodies (SGBs), local authorities, leisure trusts and others to get more LGBT people involved in sport.


5th Jan 2016

Well the new Arria Wheelers kit by ProVision has been delivered, all the way from Italy. I have to say it looks fantastic. Super modern and original and definitely stands out.

I will put more pictures in the Gallery as i get them.

Have you seen is out and about?? Why not visit our facebook page and leave us a comment.

5th Jan 2016

Hepburn backs Arria Wheelers circuit bid

Constituency MSP for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Jamie Hepburn has pledged support for the Cumbernauld cycling club’s bid to build a closed criterium circuit for entry level cyclists.

The local MSP met with Arria Wheelers Club Chairman Phil Jones and other members of the 80 strong local cycling club at a potential site for the course off Glencryan Road in South Carbrain.

It is understood that the circuit or crit would create a safe place for cyclists of all abilities to gain confidence and hone their skills. The facility would be built in Cumbernauld and could provide the local community groups, schools and other organisations the chance to participate in training, coaching and competition.


Jamie Hepburn MSP commented:

Arria Wheelers have my full support to make their plans a reality. Not only would a circuit provide a great place for current club members, it would also encourage other local people to participate for the first time.”

“It is vitally important that we do all we can to encourage the uptake of cycling, and indeed all forms of physical exercise in the area. This would be a fantastic facility to have locally and I am sure that the demand is there.”

“I understand that the club have identified a derelict piece of land which would be an ideal site for the project. I would encourage all stakeholders and local organisations to get together and support the Arria Wheelers in taking this plan forward.”

Click image for full size version:

Everesting Challenge

As you are no doubt aware one of our founder members Hugh Wardrope took on a challenge. Now, not just any challenge, he took on the 'Everesting' challenge. This is where you choose a hill and climb it repeatedly until you have climbed the height of Everest, a whopping 8,848m (29,029ft). Hugh thought he would add an extra degree of difficulty to this by wanting to complete it on the Tak Ma Doon Road in Kilsyth. This is a tough hill to do once, Hugh had to complete it 34, yes thats right, 34 times.

So on Saturday 8th October 2016, on a cold dark dry morning around 5am the challenge started. Assisted by 2 safety cars he set off up the hill for the first time. Through out the day he was joined by members of Arria, RCCK, Lenzie Velo and Stirling BC who cycled along with him (some as many as 10 or 11 times) and a band of supporters at the summit, cheering him on with their cowbells. He carried on long into the night as the temperature dropped and the rain, which had stayed off all day, threatened to start. But unilike the temperature, Hugh's drive to finish didn't drop and he continued on to almost midnight. With everyone at the top doing calculations to work out how much he had completed and how much he still had to go, everyone came to the conclusion that hed need to complete another half, so halfway down he went. Everyone at the top waited to see the lights of the lead car coming up the hill and the cheers started and Hugh came in to sight. He crossed the line to masses of cheers, and applause. He'd done it. The first person to ever 'Everest' the Tak. It was decided from that point that it should be known as #MIGSMOUNTAIN :)

Well done Hugh, you've done yourself and Arria Wheelers proud.


You may be aware a major UCI road event is coming to Scotland on the 29th and 30th of 2017. The event is a mass participation, age/ gender categorised, time trial and road race (Gran Fondo format including a Sportive) all on fully closed roads.

Please click on the image for more information.